Spring Menu Ideas for Restaurants: 10 Delicious Recipes

It’s that warm, wonderful time of year again. Consumers look forward to the end of winter and welcome the sunshine of spring. They’re ready to get out of the house, and that puts them on track for eating out more often. Take advantage of this upswing in attitudes with spring menu ideas for your restaurant.

Give your customers renewed reasons to enjoy your dining room. Flex your creativity as a foodservice professional with timely menu engineering. From spring lunch recipes to desserts that celebrate the season, open up your opportunities to put an extra bounce in business.

Refreshing Your Restaurant Menu: 10 Springtime Ideas

It’s only natural for premium produce to take center stage this time of year, so keep your commercial kitchen pantry stocked with a variety of veggies. Artichokes, sweet peas and zucchini are just a few of the ingredients included in this list of 10 spring menu ideas for 2018.

1. Springtime Artichokes Benedict

The eggs Benedict brunch tradition takes on a fresh look and taste thanks to our friend and associate, Chef Beat Giger. As Corporate Chef for Pebble Beach Resorts, he specializes in elegant dish design. Chef Giger’s artichokes Benedict serves up an irresistible springtime version of the original.

2. Fresh Veggie Frittata

This is another brunch classic made with fresh zucchini and potatoes. Prep potatoes before service to save even more time with the Food Network’s quick-fix recipe. Busy restaurant kitchens can turn out multiple orders of spring veggie frittata with one quick pass of the pan.

3. Spring-Fresh Dippers

Plate premium produce with a delicious sauce, and serve a signature in-house crudites platter. We share Southern Living’s smooth dip that truly complements crisp, spring-fresh vegetables. The secret to this appetizer’s silky sauce is a teaspoon of Beau Monde seasoning.

4. Avocado and Cucumber Soup

Credit Chef Giger again for developing a recipe that really celebrates spring. His cool combination of avocado and cucumber creates a luxurious soup. Presentation in Iceberg Baby® lettuce bowls makes it a unique springtime dish.

5. Spring Vegetable Polenta

If vegan appetites could smile, they would beam at this healthy take on traditional polenta. Bon Appetit tops the Northern Italian comfort food with fresh spring vegetables and tofu. A little miso makes the polenta rich and savory.

6. Veggie Pasta Salad 

It’s light, healthy and filled with spring produce. This pasta bowl from Food Network star Jeff Mauro hits all the right notes for a perfect warm-weather lunch. We suggest fresh green peas for elevating the dish to springtime heights.

7. Cornish Hen Stew

Streamline a busy dinner service with a comforting cornish hen stew. The make-ahead entree pairs tender, tasty poultry with fresh asparagus, carrots and peas in an ultra-smooth cream sauce. Food & Wine recommends pairing this mouthwatering medley with a young sauvignon blanc.

8. Poached Wild Salmon

When we think of spring menu ideas for fine dining, we picture a simple, elegant plate of poached wild salmon. Bon Appetit satisfies appetites for this seafood favorite and gives it a special springtime touch with peas and morels. Feel free to substitute savory shitakes or peppery chanterelles.

9. Fresh Strawberry and Rhubarb Crisp

How do you make spring fruits and vegetables play well together? Match them up in this delicious dessert recipe from Chef Ina Garten. Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb bring out the best in each other when they’re baked into a heavenly crisp. Fresh orange juice and zest add another layer of spring flavors.

10. Spring Fruit Sorbet

Sorbet can be so much more than a classic palette cleanser. The frozen delight is perfect for serving fresh fruit goodness in beautiful dessert bowls. The James Beard Foundation shares basics for blending up a delectable fruit sorbet. It’s an ideal finish for casual lunches and elegant dinners.

Supplying Our Very Best Year-Round

It’s our pleasure to offer restaurant menu ideas that complement the season and help keep your tables full. We’re happy to do it year-round too. We enjoy sharing summer recipes for romaine hearts, fall inspiration for Brussels sprouts and winter holiday menu tips.

When you’re looking for fresh takes on starters, sides and entrees, we’re always your dependable online resource. As one of California’s oldest and largest produce growers, Boggiatto proudly supplies the premium products that define premium quality in your foodservice operations.

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