The Story of Iceberg Babies®

In 2002, we were approached by a commercial seed grower who, in the normal course of seed breeding, had developed a seed that would not grow to the large size common for iceberg lettuce. We planted some trials of this seed and found that we could grow the heads to about the size of a softball with good density and flavor.

We packed a few cartons of the new product and shipped it off to some of our chef-friends, who gave us their feedback. It was overwhelmingly positive and we decided to continue experimenting with trial plantings until we were able to consistently grow the baby iceberg lettuce to the right size with the right density.

Iceberg Babies

Our experimental plantings turned commercial in 2005, when we introduced Iceberg Babies® to the foodservice industry at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago to rave reviews. Our Babies have been a big hit in the foodservice industry every since!

Today our mini iceberg lettuce can be found in restaurants all across the U.S. and Canada. Their popularity continues to grow every year in white tablecloth restaurants, casual dining establishments, country clubs, and other operations that want to offer their customers an item that is familiar, but new and intriguing at the same time.