Pickled Brussels Sprouts: Perfect for Perking Up Restaurant Menus

How many ways can you bring out the best in Brussels sprouts? The answer to that question can fill a dozen recipe boxes. Let us add one more idea to your growing list of favorites. We nominate pickled Brussels sprouts as the newest entry on your restaurant’s menu.

The compact pickled veggies are easy to prepare. They’re a delicious nosh for customers regardless of dietary preferences. Low portion costs make them smart entries to your recipe files. Pickled Brussels sprouts deliver extra versatility to menus and fresh new taste to guests.

5 Pickled Brussels Sprout Recipes Perfect for Restaurant Menus

Customers love pickled iceberg lettuce on their burgers. They love the crunch of pickled green beans. Give them something new to enjoy with one of these five recipes for pickled Brussels sprouts. Don’t be surprised to find your latest culinary creation snapped, tweeted and shared across all the hottest social media food channels.

1. Easy Pickled Brussels Sprouts

If you’re about to pickle your first Brussels sprouts, we suggest this quick and easy recipe from Southern Living. The ingredients celebrate pickling at its purest with peppercorns, mustard seed and garlic. Best of all, these pickled sprouts go from prep to fridge in just 15 minutes.

2. Spicy Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Tap the fiery flavor of dried chile de arbol, and pickle up tantalizing Brussels sprout tapas. We borrow this one from the online Latin Kitchen home of some of our favorite chefs. Potent chile peppers add tantalizing taste and beautiful presentation to the spicy sprouts.

3. Sweet Pickled Brussels Sprouts

How do you blend spicy and sweet in a pickled Brussels sprout? Take a culinary cue from Chef Rachael Ray, and blend honey or brown sugar in your basic brining bath. Technically, Rachael’s recipe doesn’t serve up pickled sprouts, but it does serve as sweet inspiration for creating your own.

4. Zesty Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Zesty comes in small packages of chopped onions, red bell peppers and mustard seeds. It simmers in a brine that complements Brussels sprouts with classic pickling flavors. This is another example of how quickly you can take sprouts from prep to pickled perfection.

5. Ginger Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Celebrity TV chefs on the Chew showcase international tastes by sharing this recipe for ginger-infused sprouts. We suggest elevating their blend of ginger, rice vinegar and black sesame seeds to true pickling heights. The ingredients are ideal for a classic Asian brine.

How to Use Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Pickled Brussels sprouts serve as a great example of innovative vegan dishes that keep menus fresh. Set them out in the bar for your happy hour crowd. Offer them as alternatives to ordinary appetizers, and rotate recipes to keep customers coming back. Pickled sprouts put a special crunch in sandwich and burger sides. 

Shred them into zesty garnish for salads, mix them with your favorite slaw, or try them out as pizza toppings. Tossed with bacon and nuts, pickled Brussels sprouts can complement casual lunches and elegant dinners. All our recipe ideas are easily modified to match the taste of your restaurant guests.

Why They’re So Marketable

As a foodservice professional, you keep a close eye on industry statistics. The data allows you to track consumer preferences and adjust your business to maximize customer satisfaction. With more than 22 million adults following vegetable-rich diets, pickled Brussels sprouts are a natural addition to your menu.

Their impressive nutritional profile makes them favorites with health-conscious guests. Fast and easy prep makes them favorites with busy commercial kitchen staff. Brussels sprouts serve pickled nutrition at its tastiest, and that makes them wonderfully marketable.

We’re Proud to Help

Brussels sprouts aren’t just for Thanksgiving anymore. They’ve transitioned to starring roles on restaurant menus year-round. Pickled Brussels sprouts are just one more delicious way to satisfy consumer appetites for healthy vegetables.

We’re proud to help you make sure your restaurant tables always serve the very best. From our fields to your commercial kitchen, you can depend on Boggiatto to supply the finest premium produce available. 

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