7 Elegant Holiday Menu Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

elegant holiday menu ideas

Beautifully decked halls and bright holiday lights are just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about impressing your guests with elegant Christmas dinner menu ideas. They walk through your doors with high expectations for the season, so serve them with a culinary flourish that makes their experience at your restaurant truly memorable.

Putting Holiday Elegance on Restaurant Menus: 7 Delicious Ideas

While casual dining will always be a dependable customer choice, consumers enjoy the upscale restaurant experience too. Satisfy their appetites for something special, and celebrate your commercial kitchen’s creativity with these seven elegant holiday menu ideas.

1. Resize Appetizer Appreciation

Appetizers earn renewed appreciation when you present them as carefully crafted small plates. Offering unlimited opportunities for elegant combinations, resized menu starters let guests share the flavors of favorite cuisines.

Dress up Spanish tapas for two, or switch accents with Venetian cichetti. Delight entire tables with a magnificent spread of Mediterranean meze. Small plates transition appetizers to important starring roles on the menu.

2. Rethink Traditional Cuts

How do you serve luxury to your restaurant guests? You take inspiration from elegant Christmas dinner menu ideas that weigh in a cut above traditional steaks. Consumers love to indulge over the holidays, so offer the ultimate beef entree with a tomahawk rib eye for two.

Don’t overlook the possibilities for upgrading casual fare. A great burger becomes a seasonal tradition when it’s built with dry-aged Angus, sizzled in real butter and presented on an artisan bun.

3. Showcase Sensational Seafood

Some of the most impressive seafood dishes gift your kitchen with easy prep that produces sensational entrees. Consider simple steamed Mahogany clams. Combine this classic with a foie gras mousse sauce, and enjoy countless compliments to the chef.

Invite your restaurant guests to celebrate the season with very special selections like Faroe salmon or Oysters Rockefeller. Upscale seafood entrees become customer favorites that loyal guests look forward to every year.

4. Upgrade Poultry Dishes

Some of the best elegant holiday menu ideas upgrade traditional dishes with richly modified ingredients. Consider Chef Giada De Laurentiis’ stuffed turkey breast. Her recipe transforms a holiday favorite with sweet Italian sausage, prosciutto and walnuts.

For a truly lavish spread, make room on your menu for game birds. Quail, squab and pheasant are all close cousins, but each one brings a unique taste to the holiday table. Roasted duck and grilled partridge offer even more opportunities to elevate poultry entrees.

5. Celebrate Bountiful Sides

The finest main course serves guests better when paired with a perfect side. Consumer tastes have taken a permanent turn towards healthier fare, and premium produce adds guilt-free enjoyment to every type of entree.

Pair prime rib with roasted Brussels sprouts accented with bacon, golden raisins and cognac. Decorate plates with the bright, seasonal colors of sautéed sweet peppers. Serve your best entrees with bountiful sides that complement flavors and create beautiful presentations.

6. Dazzle With Desserts

Our favorite Christmas dinner menu ideas always include dazzling desserts. There’s no sweeter way to finish the customer dining experience than serving something deliciously decadent. Warm up your guests with molten white chocolate caramel cakes or oven-fresh brownies spiked with amaretto.

If your restaurant menu includes bread pudding, kick it up a notch with house-made cinnamon rolls. Slip surprising flavor into a pumpkin pie with a dash of top shelf brandy. Don’t forget the ultimate Christmas comfit: sweet, savory sugar plums made from scratch.

7. Craft Holiday Cocktails

Take traditional holiday cocktails, add a touch of craft, and put a special glow in your restaurant’s bar service. Rejuvenate classic Champagne cocktails with lime juice and honey in place of sugar cubes. Blend luxury into eggnog with freshly ground nutmeg, Jamaican rum and VS Cognac.

Service counts when you’re pouring the best, so consider table-side prep for sophisticated beverages from a cocktail cart. The concept is both wonderfully retro and timelessly upscale. It’s an easy way to showcase your restaurant’s signature service and show off original Christmas cocktails.

Sharing Ideas Year-Round

When you make customers merry with elegant holiday menu selections, you ring in the season with professional pride and build sales that launch a profitable new year. Our teams here at Boggiatto raise a toast to the talent, creativity and hard work that goes into making the restaurant business so unique.

We enjoy sharing innovative ideas year-round, and we thank you and all our partners in the food service industry for your continued support. As the established leader among California produce growers, we value your business. You have our ongoing commitment to always delivering the very best from our fields to your tables.

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