Brussels Sprouts Thanksgiving Recipes: 10 Delicious Takes on a Classic

brussels sprouts thanksgiving recipe

This Brussels Sprouts, golden raisin and bacon Thanksgiving recipe is a crowd-pleaser.

We’ve always enjoyed the delicious ways Brussels sprouts serve up healthy goodness all year long. They’re just as appetizing in the summer time as they are on winter tables. Still, sprouts have a special place in kitchens when they roll into holiday cooking along with cranberries, walnuts and maple syrup.

You probably have your own traditional Brussels sprouts Thanksgiving recipes, so we offer this list as an addition to your culinary collection. If your file of favorites doesn’t showcase this versatile vegetable, make room for some savory, spicy and sweet surprises. 

10 Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

Holiday cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need exotic ingredients to impress family and guests. These 10 Brussels sprouts recipes range from simple classics to elegant dishes. They’re easy to prepare, and they’re destined to become Thanksgiving traditions.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprout Appetizers

Let’s begin with a mouthwatering appetizer that blankets individual Brussels sprouts with a savory bacon wrap. The folks at Food Network figured out a clever way to eliminate toothpicks from this starter. A brush of maple syrup and smart placement on your baking sheet turns out a beautiful batch of Thanksgiving bites.

2. Easy Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

If you’re like us, you enjoy indulging in a little extra bacon over the holidays. If you’re like us, you’ll love the flavor it adds to Chef Tom Colicchio’s easy Brussels sprouts recipe. A few familiar ingredients, simple prep and a quick pan roast puts this dish on your Thanksgiving table in less than 30 minutes.

3. Sweet Brussels Sprouts With Maple Syrup

Add another super-simple recipe to your file with the perfect pairing of maple syrup and Brussels sprouts. Bon Appetit evens out the sweetness with sage, parsley and chives. It all happens in one skillet, and that makes it an ideal side for a busy Thanksgiving kitchen.

4. Classic Brussels Sprouts With Cranberries and Pecans

A tip of the toque to Food Network’s Chef Alton Brown for this traditional Brussels sprouts Thanksgiving recipe. Brown saves prep time by smartly slicing his sprouts in a food processor. This sauteed classic brims with holiday flavors and finishes with a toss of cranberries.

5. Boggiatto’s Brussels Sprouts With Raisins and Bacon

We’re proud to offer our own entry here through our long-standing partnership with celebrated Corporate Chef Beat Giger. He christens his elegant presentation of Brussels sprouts, golden raisins and bacon with a generous splash of cognac or brandy.

6. Lidia’s Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts

Restaurateur and PBS Chef Lidia Bastianic puts her Emmy award-winning touch on Cavoletti di Bruxelles alle Noci. Her delicious Brussels sprouts with walnuts balance spice and fire with sliced red onion and red pepper flakes. It’s a recipe that’s sure to warm up your holiday feast.

7. Baby Brussels Sprouts With Pecans

The very youngest sprouts and buttered pecans make a mouthwatering combination in this Epicurious recipe. Traditional Thanksgiving cooking brightens up with lemon juice and livens up with minced garlic. Feel free to substitute quartered regular Brussels sprouts for the baby veggies.

8. Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Escarole

Crisp escarole and fresh Brussels sprouts make a wonderful Thanksgiving salad. This innovative pairing comes from former Food and Wine Editor Dana Cowin. We especially like her drizzle of homemade buttermilk dressing and garnish of marcona almonds.

9. Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Balsamic Reduction

How do you turn the classic combination of balsamic vinegar and Brussels sprouts into starring sides at your Thanksgiving feast? Follow the Barefoot Contessa’s lead. Chef Ina Garten oven-roasts her sprouts with flavorful pancetta and dresses them up with a syrupy balsamic reduction.

10. Honey-Glazed Brussels Sprouts With Sweet Sausage

We finish with a simple and sweet recipe for honey-glazed Brussels sprouts from one of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. Chef Ana Sortun complements fresh sprouts and sweet Italian sausage with a touch of cumin and oregano. We give Sortun extra points for creating a super-quick, one-skillet dish.

From Our Family to Yours

How many different ways can you serve Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving? Just blend your love for cooking with your culinary creativity. The results easily yield unlimited possibilities with a vegetable that’s simple to prepare.

It’s always our pleasure to share fresh recipes that work in both home kitchens and commercial operations. Our Boggiatto family extends holiday greetings to you, your family and our foodservice partners across the industry. We wish everyone a bountiful and delicious Thanksgiving celebration.

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